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Hosting, Management & Support

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Keep your site online, protected, and up-to-date, with extra help just a call away. 

Dependable hosting & support for WordPress sites, plus access to upgrades to help grow your site and presence.

Hosting & Email

Keep your site online with professional hosting and support. Setup domain based email addresses for a polished touch. We will handle everything.

Security & Backups

Ever been hacked? It sucks. We will keep your site as secure as possible, but if something does happen, easily accessible backups will make it simple to restore your site.

Content Updates, Too!

Basic site updates are included with hosting, so you can free yourself from even logging into your website. If you need a bit more, or want to get aggressive, we have a plan for that, too.

Hosting & Management Plans

Ongoing plans to keep your site live, secure & up to date. 

Support Packs

Perfect for one time updates & improvements for existing websites. 

What is hosting & why do I need it?

Websites have to be hosted on a server, and that server has to be maintained and secured. The site and content also has to be maintained separately. When you host with us, your website resides on our server, where we have full control to edit, access and protect it. There are tens of thousands of website hosts, both large and small, with different support options available, and bizdetail is an example of a full service website host.

Why should I host with bizdetail?

First and foremost: service. When you host with a company outside of bizdetail, you have to maintain your site and server, which takes additional time and knowledge. When you host with bizdetail, we handle all of that for you, plus we include regular site updates with our hosting plan.

When you go with the big corporate hosts, you have to deal with everything on your own. Setting up hosting and email accounts, editing the site, updating plugins, and dealing with restoring the site, should something bad happen, like getting hacked.

Think of hosting with bizdetail as insurance for your site, and assurance that there is always someone around who knows the specifics of your site, and can help you maintain and grow it, and make the best decisions moving forward.

How do I request an update to my website?

Updates can be requested by sending an email to support@bizdetail.com, or directly on our ticketing system. Please try to include all information, content, and resources in a single message. Updates are typically handled between 1-24 hours of your request, with an average turn around of just a few hours.


Can I make updates on my own?

Your site contains a content management system, and this is where the site is administered. If you want to handle this on your own, it will take some focus and dedication, but it is technically possible. Please submit a ticket and request author access to your site.

What is involved with website security and site back ups?

Security threats on the web are always evolving. Our server administrators are forward-looking with protection and staying ahead of threats. However, if there is ever a problem, we will make every effort to restore your site, which is made possible thanks to site backups, which occur on a regular basis. If there is ever a problem or issue, we can always restore your site to a previous version.

How do I setup email for my new website?

The first thing you should do is talk to our support team to put together a plan.

For domain based emailed addresses, we typically connect with a gmail account (created / provided by you), then setup domain based addresses within that account.

Other email clients may be used (ie outlook), or you may point your MX records to a service of your choice, but you will have to handle the setup. We will help you point the MX records if you host with us, and if you submit a request to support@bizdetail.com

Setting up email clients, and transferring old emails and contacts falls under our best effort support, and is not guaranteed. Extra IT support is available upon request.

Do I need to move my domain?

You should continue to renew your domain with your current domain registrar.

If you have already registered a domain for your website, you will need to create a ticket by sending an email to support@bizdetail.com with your registrar name, account name, and (correct!) password. We recommend logging into your account before submitting a ticket to verify that the information you send us is correct and up to date.

If you have not yet registered a domain, we will register one on your behalf once you have completed your website questionnaire.

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