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Smart Site Upgrade

Increase your websites IQ with our “Smart Site Upgrade”

Connect with customers and stay current with modern marketing and customer data management strategies. 

Stay Modern

Make sure your site is staying up to date with the latest standards, technology & marketing trends. 

Lead the Discussion

Implement email marketing as a useful tool for staying connected with your best customers. 

Take Control of Customer Data

Capture contact details, track follow up, and store for future marketing opportunities.

The Smart Site Update Will Achieve a Few Specific Goals. 

Namely, it will bring your site up to date with modern marketing, communication & data storage trends. 

After a 20-30 minute phone consultation, we will put together a plan that includes all / most all of the following services.

6 hours of Site / Layout Improvement: If it has been awhile since your site was launched, a few hours of design support will give us a chance to make design & layout improvements, mobile improvements, add new pages, and make any other changes you request.

Privacy Policy & Terms & Conditions pages: We have prepared standard Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions text, and will add two new pages to your site, linked in the footer area. These are smart to add for your own protection, especially as we begin to…   

Capture & Store Incoming Customer Data: When a new lead submits an email from your website, we will make sure this data gets saved and stored in an easily accessible spreadsheet. Follow up with leads accordingly, and make sure no potential customers slip through the cracks.

Zoho CRM Setup & Website Integration (optional)*: Go one step further than a spreadsheet, and automatically store your customer data as a new lead in your Customer Relationship Manager software. Load phone leads manually, and track new business in one central location. An extra subscription ($15-50/mo.) is required, but well worth the nominal cost. (add $100 to setup fee)

Newsletter / Email Blast Setup*: A monthly or quarterly email newsletter blast is a great way to connect with customers, and stay on their radar. We will put together the systems to make it easy to send an email on a time frame of your choice, and to load and capture the emails of as many potential customers as possible.

Meta-Title / Description Revamp: We will look at the meta titles and descriptions for your current pages, and improve where necessary. 

Google Analytics & Search Console Setup Confirmation: We will double check and make sure your Google Analytics & Search Console accounts are setup, and that you have access.

Contact Form Update: We will check and adjust your contact forms so they use the latest captcha standards, which add protection against bots, without overly inconveniencing humans and creating needless friction. We will also do our best to make sure your contact submissions arrive in your inbox, not buried in spam. Of course, all data will also be stored outside of email, either in a spreadsheet or CRM, for extra redundancy, and accessibility.

Pricing starts at $999 with special discounts available for existing bizdetail hosting clients. 

*Extra subscription fees for third party services may apply.



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