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bizdetail has provided web design and site management services to various Oakland based businesses. 

Given our office was previously located in Alameda, working with Oakland businesses was only natural.

Below are examples of a few sites we built for businesses based in Oakland and nearby Piedmont. If you are interested in Oakland web design help, please call 925.963.1377 or contact us.

Oakland web designOne website from our Bay Area web design portfolio was built for the Acupuncture & Health Center, located on 29th St in Oakland CA. 

They wanted a clean and simplistic design, with minimal text and clear, full screen photos.

We helped build out and launch the site, implementing their feedback and toying with the design until it was just right, then backing up and moving their site to their server, transferring the website management responsibilities to their team.

Oakland web design companyAnother website that features our Oakland web design capabilities is the site we did for Papineau Calligraphy, located on Thornhill Drive in the Montclair district of Oakland.

Given the subject matter, a clean and easy to navigate website was completely in order, and with Michele’s feedback, we really nailed it.

Her clients have complemented her numerous times on the ease of using the site to select the right lettering style for their project.

Michele’s work speaks for itself, and our website design work really allows her’s to shine. Definitely one of our better Oakland small business web design examples.

web designer in Oakland CAOne more example from our Oakland website design portfolio is the site we did for Omni Educational Services, located on Piedmont Ave. in Oakland. 

This project was a bit different in that we were asked to mimic the design of an existing site the business had paid someone else to do, and then finish off the site.

We quickly found and customized a WordPress theme to match the design, then worked with them to get the site launched on a different domain. All in all, the project went smooth and they are now able to manage the site on their own.

If you are interested in finding an Oakland web designer with experience building and managing small business websites, please call 925.963.1377 or contact us.


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