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Newsletter Setup & Management

Every (yes, every) business needs a newsletter & list building strategy. 

We will help you build your mailing list and send email blasts your customers are happy to receive. 

Send Email Blasts

Engage your best customers, or a segment of customers, at a frequency of your choice. 

Build Your List

Automatically capture and subscribe incoming leads, and put systems in place to capture as many emails as possible. 

Create Content

Repurpose your newsletter on your website and social media for maximum exposure.

Our newsletter setup and management service will help you turn “on” email marketing, and run with it.  

Sending out regular email blasts is a great way to stay on customers radar, reconnect with cold leads, and stir up referrals and repeat business. 

If you are going to do one single thing to market your business online, make it a newsletter.

By “newsletter” what we really mean is turning on the capability to contact every customer in your list, or even a segment of customers, with a well targeted email. 

For some businesses, that might be a monthly special or coupon code. For others, it might be a quarterly recap of industry news and happenings.

Whatever your business, there is something of value you have to offer your clientele (or else you wouldn’t be in business in the first place!), and a newsletter is one place you can easily show it off. It can also be repurposed as content on your website, and shared on social media, increasing it’s reach.

Being able to contact every single customer with minimal effort is a weapon to have in your arsenal. Need more google or yelp reviews? Have an exciting new product or service to announce? Trying to get your customers to connect with you on social media? Send out an email blast and let ’em know. 

Our Newsletter Setup & Management service will help you get setup with the right tools and strategies for email marketing success. 



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